"Hannah is a world-class comedienne, and she kept our audiences in stitches all summer long. She played two roles in The Days of '98 Show with Soapy Smith: Squirrel-tooth Alice and Molly Phewclothes. She was a whiz at both, but she was particularly good at the "Alice" track. Alice is a treacherously exposed part that involves a lot of ad lib-style comedy with the guests. Hannah is incredibly quick-witted and made a daily meal out of roasting the men that she would bring up on stage during the performance. I always howled with laughter during her routines."

 -Jonathan Hays, General Director of The Days of '98 Show with Soapy Smith


Voice Instructor/Music Director

"Hannah Lundy is a wonderful music director and vocal coach. I got to work with her on a musical and it was a hard process for me. Hannah gave me 100% assurance that I was worthy enough and that I could get the job done. I succeed with flying colors! Her supportive and nurturing spirit makes working with her a complete joy!”

-Karl Hawkins

"Hannah was a blast to work with. Her fun and infectious personality made it a very comfortable learning environment and was always positive even in the most stressful situations. She took note of the range of talent that was presented to her and was able to properly blend the group so that we would sound as full and balanced as possible."

-Jordan Davis

"Hannah is an excellent vocal teacher. She really knows how to make a personal connection with her students and get results while keeping it fun and light-hearted. In my time under her wing I learned just as much about myself as a performer as I did about my voice. She is a wonderful person and I would highly recommend her to anyone who asked me."  

-Caleb Long

“Hannah was an exceptional music director that made the process professional, positive, and engaging for all of us. She set the perfect atmosphere for creativity, camaraderie, and growth. I look forward to being able to work with her again.”

-Jacquelyn Kiefner

"Hannah is a complete joy to work with, yet extremely attentive and precise in her music direction. She creates a warm environment that is so suitable for making artistic discoveries by inspiring and pushing the people around her to grow with each rehearsal."  

-Alexander Dorn

"Hannah helped me explore and experiment what was needed for certain songs vocally and I had never really done that in a show before."

 -Jose Alpizar